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the spirit behind it all lies in mother nature

everyday I feel nature around and inside of me

 may it be in my garden, on a crowded street or in the sky

travelling all over the world brings me to interesting places

that is why:

wherever I go I make photos to share with the ones who stayed home and missed the view

welcome to the world!

It was a sunny morning in june, when the mayfly decided to join me. Her beauty inspired me to take this picture and then we sat there quietly for a long time just looking into each others eyes. The same evening I started this page. (2001 troml)

all pictures by PiTTi Hecht, no fakes, no montage, all captured in the moment of time...

Oktober 2007, Butterfly in Vatilieu, France 



I feel colourful today! How about you?! (29.09.07 troml)



 September 2007, Spiderweb in the morning sun,  Polienas, France 



In the group and still alone - sometimes this is where you have to be! (29.09.07 troml)


 August 2007, Roses in Hannover, Germany 



Plant some roses to say: I love you! (29.09.07 troml)


 July 2007, Yach stream, Germany 



The stream keeps singing his water songs. Just take your time to listen! (29.09.07 troml)


 June 2007, Bat in flight, Germany 



Let´s do the "Bat-Dance" in the air!! (29.09.07 troml)


 May 2007, was in Hademstorf, Germany 



Take a nap, whenever you need it! Live will be refreshing afterwards! (29.09.07 troml)


 April 2007, horses at the Aller river, Germany 



In the group and still alone - sometimes this is where you have to be! (23.03.07 troml)



March 2007, fishing nets in the Baltic Sea, Denmark



The fishing nets stay empty today - all fish are on vacation! (23.03.07 troml)



 February 2007, antique drum on fleemarked in NY



Name the right price for something priceless! (23.03.07 troml)



 Januar 2007, Penguines in DK



Bring some colour into somebody elses world! (02.01.07 troml)




 December 2006, Blue sky meets thunder cloud, Luxemburg



Always walk on the sunny side of life! Never hesitate! (01.12.06 troml)



 November 2006, Sunset near Hannover, Germany



Our nature is a present! Take her into your arms and heart! (01.11.06 troml)




 Oktober 2006, Gavial in France


I can be trusted! Really!?    (01.11.06 troml)




 September 2006, Praying  Mantice in Grenoble


Beware the road to the south.    (01.11.06 troml)




 August 2006, street and field in Danmark



I never wanted to walk straight ahead anyway.    (05.08.06 troml)




 July 2006, Winsen, LAGA


What do you really see?   (07.07.06 troml)



 June 2006, Junebeetle, Hetherregion, Germany


Dance, little beetle. This day belongs to you!   (06.06.06 troml)


May 2006, waterfall near Hannover, Germany 


Flowing like the river, my thoughts are always around you.   (01.05.06 troml)



April 2006, rainbows over Hannover, Germany


How many colours has the sky?   (07.04.06 troml)



March 2006, record snowfall, New York, USA

You gonna get cold feet today!   (1.03.06 troml)



 February 2006, Fighter jets, Islamorada, USA


Live in peace!?   (1.03.06 troml)



 January 2006, Landesbühne in Gronau, Germany


So beautiful, so fragile! Oh I love the theater!   (15.12.05 troml)



 December 2005, christmas marked, Harz, Germany


Light a candle, sing and dance in circles!   (05.12.05 troml)



November 2005, adventures tree, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany


Everything in nature is unique and there is no right or wrong!  (05.12.05 troml)



Oktober 2005, sky over Hannover, Germany

Where are you going? Up, down, right, left? The everlasting question!   (05.12.05 troml)



September 2005, Landesbühne, Germany

Whatever you do: Become part of it. ((14-sep-2005 troml)



August 2005, Terroralarm in Birmingham, England

Where will we be safe? ((13-sep-2005 troml)



July 2005, Barcelona, Spain


I will work on this for you - forever. ((08-jul-2005 troml)



June 2005, Bangkok, Thailand


Look up and you will discover strange things. ((05-jun-2005 troml)



 Mai 2005, Bangkok, Thailand

The energie is all around - become her friend and start to glow! ((05-jun-2005 troml)



April 2005, Bangkok, Thailand

I´m buying a thousands orchids to proof my to you! ((05-jun-2005 troml)



March 2005, Frankfurt, Germany

Melt the snow, start the engine, fly into the sun-and return happy! ((08-feb-2005 troml)



February 2005, Miami, USA

What do you really need? ((03-feb-2005 troml)



January 2005, Fyn, Denmark

Be good in 2005 and be a bridge between the people and happyness!!!! ((03-jan-2005 troml)



December 2004, Hannover, Germany

Hoh! Hoh! Hoh! Give Love and presents!!!! ((12-dez-2004 troml)



November 2004, Hannover, Germany

The sun sneeked through the frosty air to warm me-that was nice! ((12-mar-2004 troml)



Oktober 2004, Hannover, Germany

Birds  on their way to the south?! ((27-nov-2004 troml)



September 2004, Hannover, germany

September is golden and sweet as maple sirup-just like your love.((27-nov-2004 troml)



August 2004, London, England

Race through live - race through time - have a party ((27-nov-2004 troml)



July 2004, Hong Kong, China

Why build skyscrapers towards the sun? ((27-nov-2004 troml)



June 2004, Germany

June is a great month for making l... - just like every month! ((27-nov-2004 troml)



May 2004, in the air

Travelling on air, watching the earth from above, following your spirit...((27-nov-2004 troml)



April 2004, Hannover, Germany

Freekin´cold for a day in April. ((27-nov-2004 troml)



March 2004, San Diego, USA

The giant crab did not move - no matter what the current did. Why can I not be that strong?! ((12-mar-2004 troml)



Februar 2004, in the air

Clouds! See them, touch the, feel them! ((14-feb-2004 troml)




Januar 2004, Baring, Denmark


Danmark. Northern hemisphere. Christmas 2004. No ice. No snow. And the biggest presents of all. Nature! A snail, a sign of spring. Sunshine in the dark! ((10-jan-2004 troml)



December 2003, Clearwater, USA


Watch it! Presents will be on your way! Have a great holliday! ((12-12-2003 troml)





 November 2003, Busan, Korea


I went to the beach to feed the seagulls. To my surprise I was greated by a flock of pigeons. I fed them anyway and they made me smile. ((11-17-2003 troml)



Oktober 2003, Islamorada, USA

A million miles I´ve  travelled before I  found this place: The colours of eternity reflecting on my face. ((10-1-2003 troml)



September 2003, Fredericia, Denmark

All of a sudden there were flowers everywhere and I heard the humming of a thousand bees. ((9-30-2003 troml)



August 2003, Strib, Denmark

A starfish was washed a shore to greet me. I said hello and dove with him to the bottom where he could live in peace. (8-5-2003 troml)



July 2003, Islamorada, USA

When the sun kissed the ocean I thought of you, wishing you could be here with me... (3-7-2003 troml)



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